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Thank for the interest in my work. I have studied in London, Paris, and graduated in Boston with Best of Show for my Asian Collection and receiver of The Fashion Group of International of Boston award. My Asian collection is in honor of my mother, my robe from this collection has become my signature piece. I have spent my time interning in Paris and in Boston at the Boston Ballet. I sew, pattern, drape, sketch, bead, fabric art all my one of a kind pieces by hand. My collection has been in Boston Fashion week, Upscale Living magazine and varies other publications.

Bostonfashion.com interview by Natalie King

Debuting her collection at Fashion Week in just a few days, I met up with Drea of Drea Designs and we talked about her collection over cups of tea and stacks of Vogue magazines. I had first met Drea last year at a photo shoot and couldn't help but notice the models reactions to the Asian robes. "They make you feel like a mix of old Hollywood starlet and Geisha girl---fabulous" one said. The robes have become Drea's signature silhouette; long and cinched at the waist with fabric that drapes on the body in a way that makes you appear very tall and lean. Azure, gold, black, and blood red, the colors are bold, yet the whole effect is very 'effortless-glamour' because of the uncomplicated silhouette. She is involved with every aspect of her designs, "I pattern, drape, bead, fabric art, sketch and sew all my one of a kind-couture pieces by hand" she says "and I am inspired each day to create new designs, use new colors and techniques, while staying true to design esthetic ". Drea is the receiver of the International Fashion Group award, and left Boston with Best of Show for her Asian collection. She is currently working on a new line of Asian inspired garments.


I'm continually inspired by the two ivory vases and bracelet that my two grandfathers who were best friends at the time took turns caring for in an uncomfortable boat from Canton, China to America. They were both well off but communist took over and took their property and lively hood. Out of all their wonderful possessions these two vases that sit in my living room and bracelet was all they took. They tell a story of a beautiful women in this royal robe being brought some where and on the other side warriors in front of a castle door. The bracelet shows bright colored robes worn by different women. Now they have became my pride and inspiration.